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Market Survey

At Mongoose India we provide Market Research for Insights on Products, Consumers, Channels, Industry & Competitors.

Mongoose India provides customized Primary Market Research services to help businesses find insights that matter. Our experts understand your needs and design custom research surveys, our experienced field researchers collect high quality data using mobile technology, and we use cutting edge data analysis and visualization tools to bring out insights and present them so they can help your business.

Go-To-Market Strategy Research

Looking to create a research based GTM Strategy? We can help.

Use our Go To Market Strategy services to study consumer behaviour, identify product gaps, size markets, understand channels and come up with the perfect mix of Product, Price, Place & Promotion (the 4Ps) to ensure a successful product launch.

Market Attractiveness – Micro & macro environment scanning, barriers to entry and exit, market sizing, supply & demand dynamics, existence of substitutes, growth drivers & challenges.

4P’s Framework - Market landscape and dynamics, products, range, pricing, availability, distribution & channel trends, trade terms.

Consumer Insights - Customer needs, buying power, brand awareness & preference, consumption patterns.


Every primary research project includes several integral aspects like problem statement, approach & methodology finalization, field execution, data analysis & finally insight generation. The objective of most of the researches is to enable decision making, which in turn is entirely dependent on the data collected on field. Hence, there needs to be a rigorous validation of data and it should be one of the most integral elements of all research projects. Mongoose India’s Market Research vertical ensures that all the collected data goes through several checks before it is finally put to analysis.