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Permanent Hiring

If the top management is the brain of the company then Junior and Middle level positions are the heart, hands and legs of the company. This is the level which works and achieves the targets or directions set by the management. Also at these levels, one can see volatility which has a direct impact on the business. Hence, at Mongoose India  we believe that Executive Recruitment is highly critical for the company as well as for us

  • The digitization is not only limited to the personal or social life, it is also playing a great role in the recruitment industry. Social Media has brought tremendous change in the recruitment pattern and process. Now a day’s candidate don’t upload their CV’s on the job portals and yet they are approached by the job seekers through Social Media, like Linkedin , Face book , What’s app, etc.
  • Post ‘Make in India’ campaign one can see a significant growth in this particular sector. By judging the tremendous exposure and opportunities in this sector now a day’s highly-qualified and experienced people are willing to start or take up challenging positions in this sector.



Temporary Staffing

It provides flex staff with varied skill set on its payroll across multiple locations. Our deputees , flex staff work at our client organisations for a specified period of time across different functional & orhanisational level

Resource Process Outsourcing