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Telecom Professionals

Telecom Professionals

  Course 001:- Certified RF Survey & Drive Test Engineer

This course package will help the trainee understand how a mobile network functions and how communication happens between a User Mobile and the Mobile Network (GSM, UMTS and LTE) with respect of Live Network on theoretical & Practical Concepts. Eventually the trainee would become eligible to work in Telecom RF Cellular Network Domain for any Telecom Company.

The content of this course is designed by the experts of Telecom Professionals who have very strong experience in mobile network and working in almost all the telecom companies like Ericsson/Huwai/ZTE/Samsung/Nokia ; Hence well aware of the technical needs of the telecom environments. The basic purpose of this course is to share their experiences in solving the difficulties and demonstrated the real live examples in order to make you an expert in this field Also during the training trainee would be assigned and made part of existing working team of telecom vendors/operators and doing live work on existing network.

Duration :- 6 Wks    Course Fee:-Rs 18000/-


Telecom Course Module:

Introduction to Telecom

•Basic Summery of Telecom
•What is RF Drive Test in Telecom?
•Importance of RF, DT, BSS, Transmission etc in Telecom.
•Scenario of a site.

Tools used in Drive Test

•TEMS Investigation  
•Google Earth  
•Power Point for DT Report Making

2G/ 3G/ 4G Architecture & Technology Used

• How a call flow from one MS to Another.
• What is BTS, BSC, MSC, VLR, HLR, EIR, AuC ?
• Interferences of BTS,BSC, Node B, RNC, MSC
• What is 2G/3G/4G Technology?
• Parameters used in 2G/3G/4G
•What is TA?
• Main factors of Hand over
• Frequency Hopping


• What is Survey?
• Different types of Surveys in Telecom

RF Drive Test

• What is the roll of RF Drive Test?
• Different types of Drive Test
• What to do in the time of Drive Test?
• What is the Cell-File?
• How to do 2G/3G/ 4G Drive test?
• What are the informations needed to collect and carry before starting any Drive test.
• How to resolve the problems facing in the time of Drive Test.
• How to analyze the Drive Report.
• How to Optimize the Network Problems.
• How to resolve the Customers complains